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Starting Your Therapeutic Journey

Taking the first step towards therapy can feel overwhelming, but it is an important and courageous decision. Choosing the right therapist is vital to ensure a meaningful and effective therapeutic experience. At The Wellness House, we understand the significance of this choice, and we offer a complimentary 15-minute phone appointment to help you determine if we are the right fit for your needs.

During this initial conversation, we will discuss what brings you to therapy, your current circumstances, and the challenges you are facing. Together, we will explore whether I can provide the support and guidance you require on your journey towards healing and personal growth. This phone appointment serves as an opportunity for both of us to consider if we are a good match.

As a fully qualified and BACP registered Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, I bring years of experience working in various settings, including in the community, at universities, corporate sectors, and private practice. Additionally, I oversee the training and consultancy department at Mind, where I offer psycho-educational support to individuals, assisting them with their mental health in the workplace.

I work relationally with individuals from diverse backgrounds, addressing a wide range of concerns such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, loss, and trauma. By fostering a confidential, safe, and non-judgmental space, I empower you to explore and understand yourself and your difficulties on a deeper level.

Your first therapy session with me will be an assessment, during which I will ask questions to gain a comprehensive understanding of your past, present challenges, and what you hope to achieve through therapy. This session is a collaborative process, allowing us both to assess if we are a good fit and can effectively work together.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing by reaching out to us today. Start by booking a free 15-minute phone appointment to begin exploring the options together. We can navigate the complexities of your unique circumstances and needs, guiding you towards a life of greater fulfilment and well-being.

If you think you would benefit from therapy, the first step is to get in touch, either by phone or by email. I will respond quickly and will usually arrange to have a free 15-min telephone conversation with you before arranging our first session.

After we have spoken on the phone, you may decide you want to come for therapy. We arrange a first session together and think about why you want to come to counselling and whether the process will be helpful to you. This first session is for you to decide whether you want to come to counselling with me. We also consider whether time-limited or ongoing counselling would be better for you, depending on what is affordable, what your needs are and what other commitments you have.

My practice space is easily accessible via tube and bus routes. It is a 12-minute walk from Ealing Broadway and West Ealing station.


The address is:

28 Kent gardens, London, W13 8BU. Walk to the main door and press the bottom buzzer to be let in. I will show you to my office on our first meeting.

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